A Guided Gentleman

Adobe Spark

Each day God presents you with an opportunity to be better. I have musings to your brother, friend, boyfriend, King…from myself. I am blessed to live in this day and age that people experience so many challenges in their lives. May it be financially, spiritually, physically, the world keeps changing and people have a choice of upgrading themselves as per the change or staying outdated. I however believe my fellow gent, you should strive to improve at whatever cost. As a man, you are the head and if you lack growth, the neck (support system) lacks efficiency and whoever you lead will feel lost.

Do you know who you are? I believe I do. I am not going to be self-righteous here. I will try to be as open as possible. It is uncomfortable but I believe it will serve its purpose. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. For a few years, I did not know who I am. Having been raised for a few years without a father figure, I honestly felt lost. My biological dad…well, may his soul rest in eternal peace. If I could I would, however, ask him a number of questions. My mother has done an exceptional job. May God bless her soul each and every day. She finally found someone who she loves and they are really happy. I however realised who I am a few months back. This realization point is painful. It was for me at least.  I have gotten to points of crying when something about me comes to light. I figured I have the potential to be whoever I want and get whatever I want. I am happy with me. I thank God for His immense blessings on me. Were it not for knowing who I am, I wouldn’t be so clear on what I want.

What do you want? Self-talk and visualization will help you get this. I have had my fair share of challenges in knowing what I want. However, on knowing them, it makes me sleepless. It even makes me sad at times. Don’t get me wrong…I am sad when if it’s a person they don’t see that I won’t stop. I am relentless. I don’t give a damn what it will take. I have lived caring much about people’s opinions and I figured opinions won’t give me my dream life. I have a vision board that I see each morning, evening and anytime I get into my room. It has a sample of what I am working towards. The compass tells me I need to have my sense of direction intact. I have attained two of the things on it…I flew out a few days back. My hotel room and hotel would cut for what I have pinned. Each day my resolve to get these and more just grows. I learn to trust in God more because some situations are beyond me and require a more powerful being. I do not shy off from seeking help.


How do you let off your steam? I will be honest and admit that I am highly sensual. I believe this just proves I am a man huh? It has been my sense of steam release but couldn’t go on for certain reasons. I have been offered but I will speak of that in the next paragraph. I push myself hard and work out. I ensure I break a sweat and I have loud audios blasting and keeps my blood pumping. It helps me have myself together. I have music as well that just puts me back in check. Affirmations as well and actions I take when I feel am a bit over the edge. I’ll just give a sneak peak to my progress here…

Gotta work for that body…progress not perfection!


You have to stick to one woman. I know this will be a bone of contention but here’s the thing. As a man, you got to respect yourself. I know society at times makes sleeping around cool. If you’ve got the looks, moves and everything really you will find people throwing themselves at you. However, who will you build with? I traveled and when I got back some lady had the audacity to ask how much money I made? Mind you I have zero interest in her. She has continuously wanted to get laid but I don’t roll like that. On the contrary, I have one specific person in mind and ain’t going to settle till I wife her. You may ask why?Coz I know what we can achieve together. The rest I would have to address later. My life doesn’t stop now that we aren’t together but when we get to, we will only have the world to conquer further and God to continue guiding us as being the centre stage!

Who guides you? God guides me. I literally go down on my knees when I get up and anytime I get the opportunity to. I gladly admit that am a King under the King of Kings. I seek God’s counsel and seek His guidance. I have continuously sought to increase my trust and faith in God. It is not easy but that is what makes me certain that it is the right thing to do. In my vision board, it says Jesus I trust in You! I feel distraught at times but I have my safety net. If I get the opportunity I walk into a church and have a chat with the man above.

What drives you? Hunger…Effort and a crystal vision. My dreams scare me. My reality does at times too. I have a list of things I recite each morning, evening and during the day when possible. I have had the privilege to meet and experience life at its best! Whenever I have, I claim it for myself, My Queen and my family. The Deity knows what I desire and how much I am willing to do for it. I have at times done crazy things just to find out how am doing…my progress report. I have taken drastic actions just to see things working. People don’t understand me and they ought not to as am not answerable to them.

Don’t settle for less. Effort beats everything. Discipline complements your effort. Persistence.


If it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t good enough. If it does, just get to the other side of the door and realize it wasn’t as hard.

I hope this speaks to someone. I have used myself as an instrument to illustrate what God does through His vessels. Just keep working, for also Paul says that if you don’t work you shouldn’t eat. David was a man after God’s own heart. Seek the counsel in The Proverbs and seek God’s face. If you die today, will you be satisfied having lived? You are at war, just ensure you are on the winning team. That I know for sure about me. Stay blessed fellow gents.

From the King under the Kings of Kings,



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