Hello, amazing people!

This week has been quite busy thus far and I’m grateful. From my previous post, this post was born. Totally not what I had planned for this week but very worth while. This just means more content for you dear reader in the subsequent weeks! So let’s get straight to it.

I will let you in on my kind of life today hoping it will be a learning point for you or someone you love. I have people who understand my weak points and know how to bring out the beast in me. However, not at all times will they be available and hence you need to find something to do when such happens. It is crucial though to keep the circle small and your moves calculated. Driving is a hobby for me and it helps me calm down. I don’t have a car registered to my name yet but I have access to one. It’s not just your usual kind of car but it does live up to expectations. On this particular morning, I left the house rather early and as I drove I kept thinking of a race with a car I saw for some reason. I, however, couldn’t make the phone call and just said well, it would be amazing to race you sometime.

At the time though what was on my mind was getting to work. I got to it and in the evening I got to take an unusual route to my destination. It does have amazing memories and I look forward to making more. It’s in such moments that life does add up. Kept pushing the car to its limits and it delivered each and every time. When on this unusual route I see a car that resembles a friend’s and I give them a call. No answer. Well, they called back and the conversation was very fulfilling.


What do you do? It’s the information age. The touch of a button and all info pops up. Fifth Harmony in their song Work from Home appeals to me. I’ve come across reviews and explanations about the lyrics but the good thing about art is we all perceive things differently. It’s been on my playlist for some reason and it’s part of the things that keep me going. I understand and respect that not everyone is a King or a Queen, or at least not everyone views themselves as so. This may not go down well with some but it’s the truth. There’s a reason some people have to work in an office while others get drivers and others don’t and some are boujee while others are not. Don’t get me wrong though. Society needs to be balanced and life is all about choices.

Employment does give you an opportunity to meet people et cetera. I have been in that space and I had a blast! Did some crazy things to have me time with special people in my life. At some point, I had quite the cash flow and it was quite something. However, a few weeks back when my journey was thrown to my face, I had to make decisions. And I believe we all should. I don’t sleep because it’s dark but because I need to recharge my batteries. I am grateful to the man above that he has accorded me time freedom. The 9-5 life, time freedom is on your bosses’ timeline. I have nothing against that. I totally respect that.

Welcome to my office 🙂 This baby enjoys vacations with me though he gotta keep going till he brings in the next one. Stay tuned 🙂

Job security you may be thinking? Well, I determine how much I want to make. I recently took a loan and before getting it I had to outline how I will pay it back. At the time I had nada working. However, my mindset was optimal. When I said how I will pay up the response I got shuttered me. At times people say things and perhaps they don’t care much but as I have said before, I take note of the nitty gritty. I flourish in pain. When it gets to me you drive me. When I want something done, doesn’t matter how long but I achieve it because I answer to myself and My God. I ensure I have the security by keeping on working at whatever cost.

Nothing beats work ethic, hard work, and discipline plus the hunger for more and better always.

The above is what it calls for to run your own show. The only guarantee in life is that we won’t make it out alive. However, we have a responsibility to leave the world a better place. I don’t know when my time is but by then I should go six feet under a highly grateful and gratified soul. I will show up if you ask me to. I will, however, weigh my options. It’s about the circle again. Fifth harmony again, Work from home. If you may, it does have this sensuality to it. I definitely want to have my family free and My Queen as well. However, when it’s time to activate beast mode it gets challenging. I may be up at 0400 hours or even 0200 hours and other times I’m out of gas. However, when I see what I am working towards the gas just refuels itself.

“You need to sleep more no wonder you were shutting down.”

Totally agree. My sleep, however, doesn’t understand what I want by the time I’m clocking my new year. You also don’t. If it’s sleeping, I’ll do so on vacay! Some parents also don’t understand that the industrial age is gone. It may be difficult for them to comprehend but they will once they see your bank balance. Very few formal employment opportunities credit foreign currency into your account on a weekly basis. When you experience time freedom and interact with people who have financial freedom and time freedom, you understand why some people are so hungry! They are willing to walk through walls if it calls for that.

The microwave generation expects things easy and it doesn’t work like that.

2 Thessalonians 3:10

10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

As St. Paul told the Thessalonians, you gotta put in the work. If your potential is in the office, grind it out. If you desire other things, grind it out. Bottomline, will you clock 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or whatever age and regret not living the life you wanted? Are you on course? Don’t step on people though. Be ethical. Don’t hit the brake pedal though for no one who doesn’t see what you want. Talk to Him He will cover you. You may talk but they don’t see it from your lens.

Keep winning. Listen if you have to and be silent. Attract all of the things you desire and remember to do the work! Put in 100 and even more. It’s your life and those you care for and love. What do you want your children to experience, your wife? Yourself? If it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t started yet.




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