Don’t Apologize For Who You Are


“There are people who like swimming across the river with crocodiles in there. They will find their way across and will get to the other side irrespective of how many crocs are in the water. There are those people however who can only cross the river using a well-built bridge across it. One needs to decide what kind of person they are.”

These are the words of a new friend I made last week. Really cool guy and am really grateful for the people I keep crossing paths with. Loving each and every bit of the LoA and how the man above is gracious each day. I’ll give you a snippet of my new pal. He is 30, married, has two kids and has his stuff together. We were at a party and for some reason, I was in the house with him. A colleague asks if he’s freezing that’s why he isn’t outside and he said he was on phone and this guy got interesting…lol. Anyway, he was on phone with the wife and when he was done we started talking.

“That’s one hell of a speech you made man! I can tell you for sure not many people can write a speech and deliver it like you did. I literally feel like I know you from your delivery yet I just met you. You have a lot you can do you guy. Keep doing you.”


images 1
Keep doing you.


For some reason, people have been saying really humbling things and all I can do is give thanks. Especially for the sole reason that I do what beasts do and I am growing through it each and every second. Back to my friend. He works for a MNC and he actually dictated the terms to his engagement. It took four offers with his being the last. They bent to his music. He is that good! He was a bit sad coz the wife and kids were heading somewhere and he wasn’t going to be with them. I could literally see myself coz I have mentioned before of some of my decisions and not being able to experience some situations with particular loved ones it’s a bit somber. Nonetheless, he said I shouldn’t be frivolous or at least avoid it. “I have seven years over you but one thing for sure, you got it in you and don’t let no one get it from you. If you have the one, build together and build her too. Just make sure you are 100 though and she will be too.”


I’m a hopeless romantic & I love it


You call the shots and be you always. People will call you for what you bring to the table. Ensure you are accountable and love life, love yourself, love her and love the people who matter. Just do you.

I don’t know what kind of person you are but you need to identify that. I prefer swimming because I got thrown into the river. I have said before that one thing is for sure, you won’t make it out of this life alive. I don’t know when that time comes if I will be ready but I intend to be. Death comes like a thief though. I thought about my funeral today and I’m not sure really who will be there if it happened today. Perhaps the people I thought will be there won’t be and others are known in certain ways yet they aren’t. I want to be celebrated for the life I lived. It is sad but I’m sure I’ll be in a better place I believe. I don’t mind saying it as it is. If I want something I say it. I will be authentic in my friendship. If I don’t like something, say it. If it hurts I find a solution. If I love you, I’ll tell you.

Do you and spoil her. Make memories!

Become a good story teller. Write it down if it is important. There’s power in writing. Have a journal and document all that matters. Penzu offers an online journal. Go for what drives you crazy. If it gets hard, have someone or something come to mind and gets you back on track.

In the words of Conor Mcgregor, “You can get anything you want with singleness of purpose.”

You are your thoughts. A man is what he thinks.


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