Whatever It Takes

Happy new month!


It really is a blessing to see this new month and I give thanks to the man above. It is more exciting for me for my new year is around the corner. I have in my own way been out to create a snow ball effect for myself and those around me. This includes you reading this. We should all strive to have the ripple effect in the world. Share as much joy and love even in your darkest days. It is hard, trust me I know. You, however, learn to get back up irrespective even if you will take time. Just be strong. Be patient for great things take time to build. It is with this that I will share something I got from Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

You are your biggest fan and your biggest enemy. Just tap into the beast in you and go HAM! Find like minded people and share your goals and hold each other accountable. Communicate on a daily, check up on each other and ensure at the set time it will be celebrations. Don’t back down at anything. As a matter of fact, go at it harder when challenges come your way. There’s nothing as gratifying as doing something you had set out to and you achieve it. Don’t bask in the glory though. Get back to work until you don’t need to work no more. You were not born to slave from 9-5, live in a nice house and drive a nice car then get 6-feet under. What makes you get up at night, don’t revise it downwards and that’s what your partner should do. Do it for yourself as well. Find below self-talk that I have applied and I’m loving the results this far. You have to believe what you speak into your life. Put in the work.


I can do anything I believe I can do! I’ve got it and every day I get more of it. I have talent, skills, and ability.

I set goals and I reach them. I know what I want out of life. I go after it and I get it.

People like me, and I feel good about myself. I have a sense of pride in who I am and I believe in myself.

Nothing seems to stop me. I have a lot of determination. I turn problems into advantages. I find possibilities in things that other people never give a chance.

I have a lot of energy – I am very alive! I enjoy life and I can tell it and so can others. I keep myself up, looking ahead, and liking it.

I know that I can accomplish anything I choose, and I refuse to let anything negative hold me back or stand in my way.

I am not afraid of anything or anyone. I have strength, power, conviction, and confidence! I like challenges and I meet them head on, face to face – today especially!

I am on top of the world and I’m going for it. I have a clear picture in my mind of what I want. I can see it in front of me. I know what I want and I know how to get it. I know that it’s all up to me and I know I can do it.

Roadblocks don’t bother me. They just mean that I am alive and running, and I’m not going to stand still for anything.

I trust myself. I’ve got what it takes – plenty of it – and I know how to use it. Today, more than ever. Today I am unstoppable!

I’ve got myself together and I’m getting more together every day. And today – look out world, here I come!

Limitations? I don’t recognize them as limitations. There is no challenge I can’t conquer; there is no wall I can’t climb over.

There is no problem I can’t defeat or turn around and make it work for me.

I stand tall! I am honest and sincere. I like to deal with people and they like me. I think well; I think clearly. I am organized; I am in control of myself, and everything about me.

I call my shots and no one has to call them for me. I never blame anyone else for the circumstances of my life. I accept my failings and move past them as easily as I accept the rewards for my victories.

I never demand perfection of myself, but I expect the very best of what I have to give – and that’s what I get!

I never give myself excuses. I get things done on time and in the right way. Today I have the inner strength to do more than ever.

I am an exceptional human being. My goals and my incredible belief in myself turn my goals into reality. I have the power to live in my dreams. I believe in them like I believe in myself. And that belief is so strong that there is nothing that diminishes my undefeatable spirit.


You can use this as soon as you step out of bed, from the shower or whatever time you prefer. Just speak life and put in the work.

Stay blessed and trust the process as well as the man above.


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