Master the Art of Blindness

blind 3

Have you ever felt so blind? Would you imagine explaining a painting to someone blind? And doing it so perfectly they can leap into the canvas. Imagine the happenings and live in the surroundings of the painter’s mind.

That would require you to feel more than you see, hear, feel or even taste.

Blindness can be in so many ways, sometimes you are on such a rough road, left or right, north or south there seems to be nowhere out… no light…you feel totally and completely lost. What do you see when you close your eyes? Do you like what you see? Are you comfortable? Does your heart rate increase? Do you feel the blood in your veins having increased pressure? If you see someone, are you happy? Who is it? If you see things, do they really matter?


Those around you try helping but much as they do, they simply don’t understand what is going on. You can see them try but perhaps you may need to help them to it. The next time they will know how to help in a similar situation. Nonetheless, be grateful for not just anyone is able to do that. At least for me. I’m very cautious about who I let in. However, when I do, it’s sad that I am dysfunctional at times but story for another day.

So what does it take to be blind? You need to be able to love, touch, feel, smell and see without your eyes. Be able to connect without any physicality. Be kind. Arouse them with your intelligence. Get to your knees and see them prosper. Speak life. Live life. Have the good vibes. Enjoy each moment and cherish the memories. Does it spark inside you? Do you say things that don’t make sense? Does it make you restless? Are you kind even though it hurts? What length will you go to live the world a better place?

blind 4

After all that though, you realize that sometimes only you can lift you out of problems. You need to find hope and strength in reminding yourself just who you are. Who am I and who am I growing to be. Let me share what I have used for some days that has helped me become better. Just like the story of the hare and the tortoise, it’s not about how fast. There are those who when you were in school were said to be intelligent. But did you know that was based on their academic ability? Perhaps were regarded as geniuses. If you had a reunion today, what would be the story? As the tortoise, move forward. Get it done. Go for it but with love. Here is the self-talk that I use, hope it blesses you 😊

I know that greatness begins in the minds of the great. I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become – so I believe in the best for myself.

I am practical and realistic, and I keep my feet on solid ground. But I also give myself the freedom to live up to my fullest expectations.

I never limit myself by the short-sighted beliefs of others – instead I open myself up to the broad horizons of unlimited possibility.

When someone says “I cannot” I answer “Why not?” When someone says “It’s impossible,” I answer that nothing is more impossible than I believe it to be. And I truly believe that with my individual fortress of faith, with me, anything is possible.

I have drive, spirit, stamina and endurance. I have a good strong winning attitude about myself and about everything I do. I am practical and realistic, but I also believe in the best possible outcome of any situation.

If I have ever had any doubts about myself in the past, today is a good day to put them aside. It’s a good day to throw out any disbelief that held me back.

I know that I am headed in the right winning direction, and I look forward and I never look back. I have the ability to focus on one thing at a time, so I concentrate my attention on the job at hand – and I get it done!

Today is one of those days when nothing can stand in my way. When I need extra determination, I’ve got it! When I need more energy and drive, I’ve got it! I’ve got the power to get it done and the patience to see it through, no matter what the job or challenge may be.

Right now, even while I’m telling myself these truths about me, I know that I can succeed and I am succeeding. At this moment, if I think of any challenges in front of me, I know that I will become even more a winner because of it.

I keep my chin up, my head held high. I look, act, sound, think, and feel like the winner I am! Anytime a problem starts to get me down, I get myself right back up! I tackle problems and I solve them. When frustration of defeat threatens me, I just become that much stronger, more positive, better organized, and more determined than ever!

Right now, today, this very moment, I am capable of giving myself the gift of absolute self-assurance, self-belief, and powerful non-stop confidence in myself.

No matter what it is that requires the very best of me, I can do it and I know I can.

Today is a great day. And I’ve got what it takes. So I choose to do it right, do it well! I choose to live today with joy and love.

I know it’s all up to me. One hundred percent! -every bit of it. All of it is in how I look at it and what I do about it! That’s what winning is. That’s why am a winner.

I set my sights. I keep my balance. I don’t hesitate. I don’t hold back! I know that the world is full of opportunities. Look at what I can do; look at where I can go! Look at what I can do just by saying ‘Yes!’ to myself!

Just look at what I can do today! I am incredible…and today is a great day to show it!

There you have it 😊 I hope my mantras help even as you formulate your own. A blind person doesn’t see darkness, but sadly some of us have eyes but can barely see or worse, visualize. Blind people see just more than darkness yet people with eyes don’t even see. In my sleep, in my wake time, I give thanks. Smile. Be human as humanly possible. Love selflessly. Remember that dusk comes before dawn and at dusk one is most surely blind but you can feel, believe and get through it. Is blindness good? Take care & have a lovely day.

blind 1




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