Mother’s Love

As I grew up, being called momma’s boy really got to me. It wasn’t cool according to me and the way it was said, it was in a detrimental way. A way to suggest you aren’t man enough. You are a sissy. Pretty sad that I cared much about what people thought. It was what I knew then though.

Years later though, nobody really calls me momma’s boy anymore but if you do, I’ll definitely take pride in it. That’s your opinion. Today, 13th May 2018, we celebrate our mothers. A happy mother’s day to all the phenomenal mothers out there. Nothing matches a mother’s love for her children. She literally does so much and everything within her power to ensure her kids are getting the best at all times. I have literally seen this with my mum and other mothers too that I have interacted with.

Over the years, I have definitely had crazy days with mum. I believe we all do and we do not understand why they would do some things or say some things. However, they just have this wisdom from God and they are protecting you. In our stupidity though, we don’t see that. Later on, you then get to see the sense. A mother goes through much during the pregnancy till delivery. The pain of delivery is unmatched from some info I came across.

motherhood 1.jpg

Going through such pain, you will definitely do whatever it takes to care for your child. Mothers should be celebrated every day, not just a single day. I, therefore, applaud all the mothers out there. You do an incredible job and we may not acknowledge it enough. Having candid conversations with my mum in the recent past has only revealed how strong mothers are. They go through so much and we still see them smile. I heard a single mother speak somewhere and I was taken aback. She’s young and you wouldn’t tell she’s a mum. She goes so hard at what she does and it’s for her baby. Motherhood changes people and only makes them better from what I have seen and experienced.


motherhood 2.jpg


A word to the gents out there. At times we throw around words that don’t really make sense. I once heard people air their opinions about how they just said things for the sake of it and my heart sunk. I would refrain from some conversations if I don’t mean what I say. Unfortunately, we live in times where people just speak and not act. However, I know for a fact when some men say some things, they mean it and they are willing to put in the work. A story for the next post though. Today is all about mothers.


motherhood 3.jpg
To your mother, you’re still her baby


Despite your age, to your mother, you are still her baby. If she could, she would lift you up and hug you, kiss you and embrace you for as long as she wants. To all the mothers, you deserve all the love the universe can serve. God definitely sees the work you do and we also do. I celebrate each of you and want to share the love you share as well. For those who may have lost their children, I do understand the pain of loss but not like a mother does. I may understand it but a happy mother’s day to you too. For those that were unable to carry their pregnancy to term for various reasons, God is definitely in control. For all mothers, much love and light to you.

With Love,



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