A Guided Gentleman


A Guided Gentleman

Each day God presents you with an opportunity to be better. I have musings to your brother, friend, boyfriend, King…from myself. I am blessed to live in this day and age that people experience so many challenges in their lives. May it be financially, spiritually, physically, the world keeps changing and people have a choice […]

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“Hey Daddy,” This is how each of them starts. Letters to God. Gratitude mainly. He learned to do this from a close friend that he is forever grateful for. Each day has to end on that note…’Hey Daddy’ He is grateful for so much even when he doesn’t have much. Things do get thick. He […]

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Men disappeared

“What is happening to the man today?” This is a question I have heard a few times. I thought to put it down today after listening to a counsellor and psychologist. I have also read a few posts that I may not necessarily recall but a shout out to anyone who has sought to impact […]

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“I’ve got to run somewhere.” How many times have you heard this line? People are always running. When do you stop to see where you are going? I shall speak of experiences I’ve had. Hoping that through my sharing it shall resonate with someone and my aim is that it shall be a learning point. […]

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Evening Musings

To you the one, How you doing my lady? I have thought a lot of you today. Good thoughts and most of all reflections. I don’t know when you will read this or where you are but I intend to note this for the many letters you shall receive, notes, hints…it shall be fun. I […]

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I’ll be honest and admit that I have really struggled with this post. I have wanted to put it up for the past few days but I have not been in the appropriate frame of mind. I get things popping up and I think I want to include that. Today as well, I have struggled […]

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Count down

I have never done more than two books at a time. This has been a conscious effort because I wasn’t sure how I would juggle my time. Or even how would I understand what is going on in all the books at the same time? Shame on that little voice of self-doubt! I am currently […]

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Reset by Life

Every two weeks, I’d receive a phone call from you. It was like clockwork that my friend told me to have a reminder to be calling you on a weekly basis. Three weeks ago or there about, you called and I didn’t answer. I don’t know why and I didn’t call back either. The last […]

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