Love and Light

It’s been a while since I did this and put it out here. I do it on a daily but not ready for publication. This post, however, has been on my mind for a while now. Well, what now? I don’t know if this question has crossed your mind but it has crossed mine a […]

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Men…Let’s Talk…

Men, what happened to you? A conversation I’ve had with a few people but I will let someone share his thoughts on it. I believe through this sharing some light or insight shall be achieved. Katmandu is my name and I have seen the fair share of life’s offerings. I will share a few of […]

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Mother’s Love

As I grew up, being called momma’s boy really got to me. It wasn’t cool according to me and the way it was said, it was in a detrimental way. A way to suggest you aren’t man enough. You are a sissy. Pretty sad that I cared much about what people thought. It was what […]

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Kissed by An Angel

April 13th, for some reason, his memory doesn’t seem to recall knowledge of this International Kissing Day. This realization, however, evoked so much emotion in him. He looked at the man in the mirror and as always before bedtime, he said the three words, “I love you.” He could taste her lips and felt it […]

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Listen Son…

“Kindly listen keenly, for I may not be in a position to say this to you again,” he started. I leaned in closer as the look on his face looked keener. My concentration at its peak yet with some bit of fear, I don’t know why.     “I have been where you are before. […]

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The Power of a Praying Man

Hello there 😊 I hope 2018 has been gracious to you thus far. It has to me and am really grateful for it. I am ecstatic about what I am writing on and hope it blesses you. I have been on a writing sabbatical and it will continue after this as well. I aim to […]

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Soak & Grow

    In less than 72 hours, parts of the world will be celebrating a new year, 2018. A blessing for sure. Many would have wanted to see the year but are not here now. It is by God’s grace and mercy. New year resolutions will be set and others will see them to fruition […]

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