Hello, amazing people! This week has been quite busy thus far and I’m grateful. From my previous post, this post was born. Totally not what I had planned for this week but very worth while. This just means more content for you dear reader in the subsequent weeks! So let’s get straight to it. I […]

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Hello, my dear reader! How you doing this wonderful day? If this is your first time on my blog, welcome and feel at home. I’ll bring you up to speed with what’s going on around. I am almost turning a year older and I decided to take the remaining few weeks at my current age […]


Welcome to My Journey

Happy new month to you my dear reader! It’s July and how grateful I am I have gotten to this point in 2017. I hope you are as well. I have been on a journey, perhaps I have mentioned it before. I have been absorbing a lot. Trusting the process. Learning to appreciate each and […]

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Dear Son

Hey My Champion, How you doing buddy? Before I proceed I’d like to tell you that you are the greatest blessing I have and I can’t wait to meet you. Well, after mummy 🙂 I love you both so much. You light up my world. You are my prince and I can’t wait to see […]

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A Guided Gentleman

Each day God presents you with an opportunity to be better. I have musings to your brother, friend, boyfriend, King…from myself. I am blessed to live in this day and age that people experience so many challenges in their lives. May it be financially, spiritually, physically, the world keeps changing and people have a choice […]

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My Musings

The sky line kisses the earth, the clouds look fluffy and accommodating. The view from my window is just magnificent! The seat next to me is empty and it is meant for you…there’s a movie playing but I’m oblivious. This particular flight has very few people. Makes me understand what flying in a private jet […]

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