A Guided Gentleman

Each day God presents you with an opportunity to be better. I have musings to your brother, friend, boyfriend, King…from myself. I am blessed to live in this day and age that people experience so many challenges in their lives. May it be financially, spiritually, physically, the world keeps changing and people have a choice […]

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Reset by Life

Every two weeks, I’d receive a phone call from you. It was like clockwork that my friend told me to have a reminder to be calling you on a weekly basis. Three weeks ago or there about, you called and I didn’t answer. I don’t know why and I didn’t call back either. The last […]

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Vulnerable at the new year

    Greetings & blessings! I have stayed longer than I should have before engaging you but I am grateful for the opportunity now that I am here. Many thanks especially for your prayers and support as I had requested earlier just before turning another year! So excited guys and blessed for sure! I feel […]

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Pick You Up

Ever felt so low but you know you have to keep going? Despite being deflated or whatever it has to happen. I have been at this point a few times and it is frustrating at times because you know what will help you back up. Maybe you need to hear it from the little boy […]

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Tiny Outflow

Hey there, I hope from where you are the rays of the sun light up the place just like you do in my life. Or perhaps if it is at night as the stars glow through the sky just like your eyes. Whatever the time, it waits for no man but what does patience have […]

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Master the Art of Blindness

Have you ever felt so blind? Would you imagine explaining a painting to someone blind? And doing it so perfectly they can leap into the canvas. Imagine the happenings and live in the surroundings of the painter’s mind. That would require you to feel more than you see, hear, feel or even taste. Blindness can […]

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Whatever It Takes

Happy new month! It really is a blessing to see this new month and I give thanks to the man above. It is more exciting for me for my new year is around the corner. I have in my own way been out to create a snow ball effect for myself and those around me. […]

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Don’t Apologize For Who You Are

“There are people who like swimming across the river with crocodiles in there. They will find their way across and will get to the other side irrespective of how many crocs are in the water. There are those people however who can only cross the river using a well-built bridge across it. One needs to […]

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