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How you doing this wonderful day? If this is your first time on my blog, welcome and feel at home. I’ll bring you up to speed with what’s going on around. I am almost turning a year older and I decided to take the remaining few weeks at my current age to share what I’ve learnt in the school of life. This week, I’ll take a look at conversations. I don’t know if you have experienced this but it’s frustrating when you’re talking to someone and they are busy on their phones, at least for me. I will take four scenarios I have been in and the things I have noted with time. I am very observant and keen for detail.  You may have seen this before and I hold it dear. Silent and listen are spelt the same way, there’s a reason.

God – He is my pillar. He is fundamental to My existence. A question was asked, what would you do if you are offered just 2 minutes with God? People have different responses to this but on my end, would be a tall order. However, most importantly is to give thanks. Irrespective of the circumstance really, give thanks and lean on Him. Conversations are two-way hence learn to listen as well.

Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Millionaire – She looked calm. She was keen when talking. “Just give me a few minutes I need to sort my son out.” She smiles as she chats with the son who is abroad. Less than five minutes later she’s done and all ears. Her gadgets? All Apple products. She places them on the table. iPhone 7 and latest MacBook Air…slim and sleek. Really a phenomenal gadget to have. You can tell I have a fetish for finer things in life already huh? To be honest, I have learned and grown to appreciate what I am and what I want. Average ain’t my kind of thing but a story for another day. Back to the lady.

She listens to you keenly as you speak. She doesn’t interject. She looks you straight in the eye. Brizendine (2006) explains this perfectly in her book The Female Brain (p.14). I would highly recommend this book to all females and males alike if you want to understand the ladies in your life. She is very attentive. My attention deviates to her hand. She’s adorned rings that have real diamonds. She’s so calm and I’m just thinking my Lord! The driver has her car, Range Rover 2016. She calls him and I don’t know what he says. She says it’s okay. She’ll get an Uber home. Humility! How? Yet some of us despise people yet we even don’t own cars. The wealth of knowledge in this lady is just out of this world. Marketing, accounting, whatever sphere, she is well versed. She comes from a point of knowledge. I sit next to her in silence. In utter disbelief. I am sharing a table with a millionaire. Her lifestyle hasn’t changed she says. She’s wise. She can get whatever she wants but she is very subtle.

“Hey Steve, I’d like some help with something that I am working on and I believe you are the right person to help me. Can I come meet you?”

A single line from a long time friend I hadn’t seen in a while. In half an hour we meet up. He just thought I could help despite me not even knowing what he wanted. The universe is interesting and God does have a great sense of humor. I had someone who could do what he wanted. We sit and talk for two hours non-stop. We are both fatigued and our bodies are giving in. We agree to part ways and make time to meet up again. What we discussed just made me realize you have to be careful who your friends are. It was the second time we were meeting in 2017 and it was really amazing just to know how on course we both are and I give thanks to the man above always. Despite the hurdles, getting back up is a strength. Speaking with my friend just showed me that all you need is the passion and vision, I have said this before I believe.

She’s a Septuagint hence she speaks native as she’s lived up country the better part of her life. For some reason, she gives me a history class of her life. She looks young and energetic. At her age, she got another lease of life! She is living up each and every moment. She tells me how she prays for young people like myself to make the right decisions and she is happy when she gets to talk with us. You can see the love in her as she says these words. She is honest and definitely cares about your welfare. She advises me and even suggests some steps to take. I don’t know why when a gentleman looks he has his career and life orderly what society recommends is marriage, at least in Africa. We joke about it but I assure her it shall come to pass.

These four scenarios I experienced with different people of different ages. Very fulfilling though as they helped me become better. They impacted me positively. I don’t know about you but one thing is for sure, we won’t make it out of this life alive. Hence, make each second count. Gary V is successful and says some of his peers say he is lucky. He reminds them that when they were meeting new people having a good time, he was working and having meaningful conversations. I have nothing against technology but make the best of the time when you are with someone. Use the communication platforms appropriately as well. Don’t lose your human touch to a device that is replaceable. You aren’t. Make the eye contact. Feel the hug. Have a firm handshake. Kiss passionately. Love selflessly.  Feel the rays on your skin. Smile. Just enjoy the conversation with the universe. If you may, get turned on by the intellect. Connect and enjoy it.




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